The Ebon Fleet was a battle group of more than sixty airships used by the Lost Tribe of the Sith to fly from their home continent of Keshtah and invade Alanciar, the continent to their east, in 2975 BBY. Each ship in the fleet was held aloft by giant gasbags filled with hydrogen, while propulsion was provided by flying beasts known as uvaks that were tethered to each vessel. The fleet was the brainchild of Varner Hilts, the Human Grand Lord of the Lost Tribe of the Sith, after he discovered a map that showed the existence of Alanciar on the planet Kesh, where his ancestors had crash landed centuries before. The ships were designed by another Sith, Edell Vrai, and the fleet was under the command of Korsin Bentado. When the fleet reached Alanciar, its Keshiri natives, the Alanciari, downed the vessels by piercing the gasbags with flaming lances. Good Omen was one of the ships in the Ebon Fleet.