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The Ebon Strikers were a band of pirates that were based on the planet Volik, in the Unknown Regions. The Ebon Strikers first traveled to the Unknown Regions as part of a large pirate gang, but following a disagreement over a female, the band split into two rival factions: the Ebon Strikers and the Crimson Stars, with the Human Vallkos taking control of the Crimson Stars and his brother Mallikhan becoming the leader of the Ebon Strikers. The two pirate gangs feuded with each other and at one point, their dispute threatened descend into an all-out war.

The Ebon Strikers preyed upon shipping that passed near to Volik and on occasion, they raided Crimson Star flotillas that were returning to the world laden with wares purchased in the Outer Rim Territories. The Ebon Strikers also secretly initiated negotiations with the Vagaari, a major Unknown Regions power, but unknown to the pirates, the Vagaari planned to betray them.


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