Echnos City was the capital of the moon Echnos. It was a technology-rich city encased in a giant atmosphere providing dome.


The dome was 20 kilometers in radius and 2000 stories high. At the top of the city dome where eight airlocks which provided access to the city. The largest airlock accommodated ships up till 200 meters in length. Landing facilities were provided on the top of the tallest buildings in the shape of standardized clusters of four landing platforms, which were open to all sides, circular, and provided access to the building they were built on top of via turbolifts.

Next to the turbolifts were docking services computer terminals which travelers could use to order various types of docking services such as refueling and restocking of consumables, as well minor repairs. These services, which had to be paid for by insertion of credits or, alternatively, by transfer from a Echnos City account, was fully carried out by various automata.

The cityEdit

Level 75 was the last open air level of the domed city. All levels below spanned the entire protective area of the dome. Its streets typically no more than narrow corridors filled with steam, noise and beings from more than a thousand worlds, Echnos was the locus of several seedy establishments; especially, those dealing in technology were popular and numerous.

There were numerous hotels, but these were quite constricted, and a room for two individuals was actually considered somewhat of a luxury. In addition there were several casinos and other entertainment establishments. As with the hotels, the entertainment establishments were constricted and, often, a casino would share space with a cantina. There were several retailers and shops in Echnos, most of which dealt in technology, and weapons were also an easily accessible commodity. While technology and manufactured goods were very cheap, foodstuffs and raw materials as well as chemical compounds were very rare and extremely expensive.

At the very bottom of the city was the Echnos Exhibition Dome, which was the venue of a weekly demolition race called the BlastBoast 2000.

Residents and guestsEdit

Several different types of individuals of all sorts of species and professions were found in Echnos City. Despite the orientation towards technology in the cult, the locals shunned cyborgs and there was an ingrown dislike in Echnos culture of the idea of replacing organic entities with automatic ones. At least once, a mercenary's convention took place in one of the many conference rooms found throughout the city. At this meeting, the Galactic Empire delegated out contracts of various types, including bounty hunter jobs, through Lieutenant Vincent Gatharard.

The chaseEdit

In somewhat of an incident, a group of adventurers attended the meeting only to find that they were actually wanted by the Empire for treason and armed rebellion. They managed to escape the conference room but were chased all over town by hordes of bounty hunters.

The same group of adventurers later participated in the BlastBoast 2000 race. This caught the attention of the cunning bounty hunter, Daxtorn Lethos, who managed to captured them by trapping them in shuttlecraft which was programmed to bring them to his spacecraft, the Gorgon, only to see them escape very narrowly.

The local authorities became involved when the sent out a group of Protector StarSpeeders to eliminate the adventurers and the bounty hunter, both of whom managed to exit the dome and jump to lightspeed.