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"Perhaps it's the fever talking, but in truth… The experience is intense and personal. There's a loss of control, and I wonder if I am man or beast."
―Lokin, on his transformation into a rakghoul[src]

Eckard Lokin, also known as Fixer Fifteen, was a Human male doctor of the Sith Empire during the Cold War.


Rakghoul Lokin

Lokin in his rakghoul form

"I thought you were the optimistic one?"
"Then we really need to spend more time together."
―Raina Temple and Lokin[src]

He was supposedly born on Dromund Kaas during the pre-war years and presumably working as Science and Medical Adviser to Kaas City military police during this period.

During the Great Galactic War, he was present on the Imperial dreadnaught Warhammer and was one of two individuals aboard who evaded capture when Republic soldiers boarded. Interestingly, he was not listed in the crew roster. First identification as Fixer Fifteen during Operation: Red Cell.

He seems well acquainted with a former Imperial agent that went on to become the Minister of Intelligence as he notes that the Minister has his eternal respect.

The Republic Strategic Information Service kept a dossier on him.

He was a professional who knew his science and was sneaky. Although he sometimes rubbed some of his colleagues the wrong way. He researched the Rakghoul plague and created a custom variant, unique to his DNA, that allowed him to switch between Human and Rakghoul forms at will, while retaining the same personality and intelligence.

Cipher Nine encountered Lokin on Taris in Nasan Godera's laboratory. While Cipher Nine's mission was to investigate a Jedi called Ki Sazen, Doctor Lokin falsely claims he was sent by Watcher Four for a clean up operation and to catalogue the contents of Godera's lab. The two decided to pool resources to complete their missions. Cipher Nine eventually discovered Sazen was searching for Nasan Godera's Ultrawave Transmitter - a device that she hoped to use to control the rakghouls and make them into her own personal army. Since Sazen was also hunting Doctor Ianna Cel, Lokin offered to be captured by Sazen in her stead by posing as Doctor Cel's assistant. Once taken to the Ultrawave Transmitter, he would signal his location to Cipher Nine. After Cipher Nine dealt with Sazen, the agent was shocked to discover a Rakghoul savagely killing some armed Nikto. The Rakghoul transformed back into Doctor Lokin who explained that he freed himself to examine Sazen's laboratory. He hands the Ultrawave Transmitter to Cipher Nine and promised to provide further explanation of his history once they've rendezvoused at the Imperial Command Center.

Once in safety, Lokin explained that he was studying the Rakghoul for some time and his true goal in Taris was to review Sazen's stolen research. Lokin surmised that the agent was working without official sanction just as he was and considering both had secrets harmful to each other's careers in Imperial Intelligence, both agreed to an alliance that benefited both parties: both will become each other's assets, keep each others' secrets, and both get to keep an eye on one another. Lokin moved into Cipher Nine's ship, acting as the ship's doctor and fixer, though officially he is considered semi retired and is monitoring background radiation in the Zetan Wastes. While traveling with the agent, he scavenged data on the Rakghoul to further his research and experimented on himself to improve his Rakghoul state.


Lokin is working on a Rakghoul corpse aboard the Phantom

Agents from Project Protean were scouting the safe houses of Doctor Lokin in order to eliminate him. This was because he was conducting his own research on the Rakghoul virus. One of their operatives and two genetically enhanced human agents were killed on such a mission by the safe house's booby traps and died in an explosion. This led to a period of investigation by Lokin who discovered the existence of the project and their involvement in Vector's Joining. Thus, he departed with Hyllus to deal with the matter. Both Lokin and Vector assaulted Project Protean's HQ and "interviewed" the woman in charge to gain answers. Lokin discovered why they desired his demise and how his research was used to further Project Protean and Vector had his files deleted and stopped further Killik experiments. In return for sparing their laboratory, Lokin became the new head of Project Protean.

During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, the Agent went missing. Soon afterward, Lokin retired to a small plantation on Alderaan with his tamed rakghouls. Soon he got sick from his rakghoul disease, leaving him close to death, until he received aid from the Outlander and was recruited into their Alliance, dedicated to bringing an end to the Eternal Throne.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eckard Lokin serves as a companion for the Imperial Agent class in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG, and later for all classes as a whole as part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. He is voiced by Anthony Cochrane.



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