Most reptilian species, such as the Trandoshans, were ectothermic.

"Maybe I shouldn't have used the term cold-blooded. It's more correct to say that the creature is an ectotherm. You, on the other hand, are an endotherm—sometimes called a warm-blooded animal."

Ectothermy was the physiological ability of some creatures to maintain their body temperatures by absorbing heat from their environment. It was also colloquially referred to as cold-bloodedness, although that term could be misleading—at least one individual interpreted it literally, thinking that an ectothermic creature's blood was frozen solid. The opposite of ectothermy was endothermy. A vast majority of reptiles[1], such as the Trandoshans[2] or the flying lizards of Da'nor, were cold-blooded organisms,[3] although there were exceptions such as the Ssi-ruuk[4] or the duuvhals.[5] When the weather was too cold for his or her taste, an ectothermic being became torpid and experienced a decrease of his or her intellectual capacities.[6] If no external source of heat was provided in time, that situation could degenerate gradually until death ensued.[3] To,conserve their energy and avoid getting cold during the night, some species like the dewbacks insulated themselves in huddled groups.[7]



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