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"Close to the temple, near the sea, she can feel the Force ebbing and flowing through everything—the air she breathes, the sights she sees, and all that makes up the beautiful scenery. Up at the Edge Forest, there's a primal wildness to the Force that sets her blood pumping."
―Lanoree Brock reflects on the forest's Force signature[src]

The Edge Forest was a forest located on the southern coast of the continent Masara on the planet Tython. The Je'daii temple of Bodhi was located near the forest.


In her childhood, Lanoree Brock and her family lived close to this forest, and her parents enjoyed taking strolls to its boundaries. For Lanoree and her parents, the scenery was not just beautiful, but even more exhilarating because through the Force, they could keenly sense the primal essence of life that permeated through the myriad wildlife and flora that made this setting their home. The lack of Force-sensitivity in Lanoree's brother Dalien, however, denied him from sharing in this invigorating sensation. As a result, the walks were seminal to Dalien's alienation from Je'daii society, and at the age of nine, he would always cry as they reached the borders of the forest.


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