Edjian-Prince was a difficult character to portray in the Corellian tragedy Uhl Eharl Khoehng. The determined son of a king who passed away, leaving his small kingdom to the Prince, he was unsatisfied with the small holdings he inherited and sent men into the forest to clear room for his expanding kingdom. However the Prince was quick to discover that the Eharl Khoehng ruled the forest; The Eharl tricked the Prince into sending all his subjects into the forest, where they are transformed into trees. The Trickster King then sends peaceful dreams to the Prince, who wanders into the forest and is trapped. Refusing to confess that he was wrong to cut down the king's forest, the Edjian-Prince goes mad and burns the forest completely.

At one point, Adalric Cessius Brandl acquired the part and hoped that his son, Jaalib Brandl, would eventually grow into the role.