"Eel" was a sea eel owned by a young Boba Fett during the period of time when he lived on the planet Kamino. Known only as "Eel", Fett's pet ate sea mice. When Boba and his father, Jango Fett, left Kamino to travel to Geonosis, Boba threw Eel into the Kaminoan sea. The sea eel was swiftly eaten by a larger fish, causing the boy to remark "good riddance."[1] However, years later as an older man, Fett remembered Eel fondly, and regretted that the animal had died in such a manner.[2]

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The Kaminoan sea eel known only as "Eel" made its first appearance in Star Wars canon in the 2002 young reader novel, Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive, by author Terry Bisson. Several years later, with the release of the penultimate entry in the Legacy of the Force entitle Legacy of the Force: Revelation, and written by Karen Traviss, Eel received a mention during a moment of Boba Fett's internal reminiscence.


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