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"Eerie Coulee Disorder. It refers to a pronounced sense of unease experienced by most humans and humanoids when they encounter a droid that appears almost, but not quite, human."

Eerie Coulee Disorder, also known as ECD and sometimes referred to as the "uncanny valley", was a term for a sense of wariness that was felt by most Humans and members of other Humanoid species when in the presence of a droid that was Human-like in appearance, yet still obviously artificial. During the early years of the Galactic Empire, the company LeisureMech Enterprises marketed the BB-4000 model Human replica droid to galactic customers, but the droid was a commercial failure due to the Eerie Coulee Disorder that was experienced by those who made use of the droids.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eerie Coulee disorder is a reference to the real-life phenomenon of the "uncanny valley", whereby features that look almost, but not entirely, natural trigger a sense of revulsion in human observers. The New Essential Guide to Droids refers to the uncanny valley by its real-world name.



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