"We, the Republic, stand at a crossroads, and the lessons of the past risk being forgotten to appease anxious constituents."
―Eeshrin Ot'Hyne[src]

Eeshrin Ot'Hyne was a male Caamasi senator who represented Caamas in the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the Separatist Crisis.


"I had hoped we had seen the last of open, unprovoked hostility at Antar 4."
―Eeshrin Ot'Hyne[src]

After the start of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, Senator Ot'Hyne spoke against the establishment of a Grand Army of the Republic and the Military Creation Act. He took the opposite side, while Terrinald Screed represented the other side. He recalled that the Republic, which lasted for a thousand years in peace with no war, must be recognized in the danger or everything that the Republic stood for would be destroyed. He also included an opinion piece titled "We Are Inviting This War" wrote on the HoloNet News. He found that public the money would be better invested in the Diplomatic Corps of the Refugee Relief Movement.

After the incident, Senator Ot'Hyne traveled to the planet Antar 4 where he emphasized himself in another broadcast of the network's expectations.

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