"Go ahead, Deeve, baby. Nothing new to report. Temperature'll fry you without that suit, atmosphere's a killer. A few decades of terraforming and this place will be a good home for … something."

Effcee was a female-programming droid working along with Deeve and Jarsa, two scouts of the Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services, and traveling with them in the bureau's NRSS Founder in a mission to scout several planets in search of useful resources.

During one of these activities, Effcee waited in the starship with Jarsa while Deeve went to an unexplored canyon. Jarsa busied herself with maintenance tasks while Effcee performed checks on the hostile world, reporting to Deeve whenever he asked. Deeve asked Effcee for a report and, soon afterward, he found a local. Deeve then asked Effcee to reinforce him.

While Effcee considered herself an able pilot, Deeve disagreed, and he would rather not have had her piloting the ship. Effcee was also affectionate when talking with Deeve, calling him "honey" and "baby" to his chagrin, even after Deeve had tried to reprogram her to remove these traits.

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