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Eger Djambo was a Human male stormtrooper in the Galactic Empire.


Djambo was stationed onboard a Star Destroyer that was assigned to track down the stolen starship known as the Staraker. However, just as the ship had tracked the Staraker to the Alashan system, a superlaser from the planet Alashan fired and struck the ship, critically damaging it.

However, Djambo and five other Imperials, including Major Wil'm Grau, Fleet Sergeant Anarine, Ensign Kyril Lopaki, and fellow stormtroopers Voss and Boaz, were able to escape the ship in an escape pod. After landing on the planet, Major Grau succeeded in leading the group in capturing the crew members of the Staraker including Luke Skywalker, Mici Shabandar, and Leia Organa.

Because the two parties were stranded, they agreed to a truce, searching the planet for a way off world. After coming upon a destroyed Rebel archaeological site, the team searched the area, discovering a well-crafted tunnel that led deep into the planet's crust. Grau decided to put Djambo on guard as the rest of the team decided to search the tunnel. Unfortunately, as Djambo waited outside, a massive creature approached him. Djambo threatened to shoot, but the beast was indifferent to his threats and ripped him apart. When Grau tried to comm Djambo later, his dead body lay stiff and silent outside the tunnel.


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