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Kaadu eggpic

A kaadu egg.

"Hey, those are eggs! Did you guys lay them?"
Allana Solo, stumbling across the secret nest of Dordi, Tesar Sebatyne, Wilyem and Zal[src]

An egg was a method of giving birth among some species. Rather than giving live birth, a member of an egg-laying species would lay an egg containing the young, within which the young would grow to term and hatch. Many reptilian and avian species were known lay eggs, such as Quor'sav, S'kytri, kaadu, marlellos, nunas, fambaas, geejaws, and fanbacks.

Many species ate eggs of other creatures as a form of sustenance. Scrambling eggs was one alternate means of preparing them prior to consumption.[1][2] Yam'rii were particularly fond of eggs, especially those of the Quor'sav.

The Kitonak and the Nediji worshiped a deity known as the Cosmic Egg.



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