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Ego was an Imperial officer who was stationed at an Imperial garrison on Cilpar and held the rank of Major in 4 ABY. When Vance Rego, a Cilpari Resistance fighter who was spying for the Empire, learned where the Rebel Alliance operative "Targeter" was hiding, he informed his handlers, who dispatched Major Ego and a group of stormtroopers to assist him in capturing Targeter. Major Ego and a group of stormtroopers took an injured Wes Janson and the operative Winter—who, at the time, they believed to be Princess Leia Organa—into custody and transported them to their headquarters at Kiidan.

Behind the scenesEdit


The original version of Vance Rego's dialogue, mentioning Major Ego.

The first and only mention of Major Ego occurred in the third part of The Rebel Opposition arc, when Vance Rego betrayed Winter and Janson. However, this mention of the character was removed from the version of The Rebel Opposition published in Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1.