"The nobles fight the Imperials as well as the Prince and his misguided People's Liberation Battalion."
Grand Duke Gror Pernon[src]

The Eiattu Civil War was a conflict between the Priamsta and the People's Liberation Battalion on the planet Eiattu 6.

The planet was ruled for centuries by the royal house of Eiattu 6. Several years before the Battle of Yavin, the nobility, known as the Priamsta, murdered the royal family and took power on the world. In the following years, the Priamsta found itself embroiled in a civil war against the People's Liberation Battalion.

The PLB witch was also in fight with the Imperial forces on the planet was in fact led by an Imperial agent who claimed to be Prince Harrandatha Estillo, a heir to the royal line.

After the Battle of Endor, the Priamsta discovered that another heiress had survived, Princess Isplourrdacartha Estillo, also known as Rogue Squadron pilot Plourr Ilo. She returned to rule her people with the support of the nobility which intended to counteract Prince Harrandatha Estillo. A battle soon erupted in which the PLB and Rogue Squadron defeated the Imperial forces on the planet, forcing Moff Tavira to flee Eiattu. During the battle, Princess Isplourrdacartha revealed Prince Harrandatha as an impostor and an Imperial agent, gaining the recognition of the People's Liberation Battalion. The Priamsta was eventually forced to adjust to a new political situation, with a revitalized monarchy determined to rule in cooperation with the people.