The Eib Model-D Cloudskiff was a cargo skiff in use on the planet of Tyed Kant during the Galactic Civil War



Model-D schematics.

The Eib Model-D featured an enclosed, pressurized pilot and passenger section, and as much cargo capacity as a small freighter. The craft sacrificed speed in favor of the incredible altitudes it could attain. On planets where crime was a concern, some models had defensive weaponry. On Tyed Kant, however, the volatile atmosphere made energy weapons more of a risk than any criminal, so the craft went unarmed.


The Eib Model-D was designed by Huegu Eib, founder of Gryseium Incorporated on Tyed Kant. Gryseium was best known for its foodstuffs, but that did not stop the company from producing the Model-D, which was still in use long after Eib retired from Gryseium and left the planet. When the Mynock virus struck the planet an Eib Model-D was lent to a group of rebel agents who were investigating the crisis.


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