Eida Sharden was a Human female from the planet Exocron. A wealthy entrepreneur and businesswoman, she was also a spy for the Corsairs from the western canyons, and heavily opposed to the rule of the Devisors.


Rebellion against the DevisorsEdit

Eida Sharden was born and raised on the planet Exocron, and lived on an estate on the edge of the capital, Caballa City. She hated the ruling caste, the Devisors, with a vengeance, believing that they had manipulated the council and ruled Exocron for far too long. She became a member of the underground resistance opposed to their regime, and gathered a group of insurgents around her were a cross-section of the intellectual, political, and financial elite on Exocron. At some point, Sharden became an agent of the western Corsairs, who were also opposed to the Devisors. She covered her actions by becoming a wealthy commerce maker and entrepreneur.

She was friends with Horzao Darr, captain of the Exocron Airfleet sky-dreadnaught Maxion. However, despite agreeing with some of her views regarding the Devisors, he was careful not to associate with her too closely since he deemed some of her ideas too radical. In return, she never revealed to him that she was an agent of the western Corsairs.

Aiding the FarStarEdit

In 8 ABY, Sharden was contacted by Horzao Darr. He had greeted offworlders to Exocron, representatives from the New Republic ship FarStar, only to have the Devisors decree that they were to be held on the planet for security reasons, and that their ship impounded for study. Disgusted at the Devisors treatment of the New Republic representatives, he managed to use his authority to liberate the majority of the crew, apart from Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum, command of the FarStar. He took them to Sharden's estate, believing that her link to the insurgents could help them.

Sharden informed the FarStar crew that she was willing to help them rescue their captain and free their vessel. She saw it as a chance to strike a decisive blow against the Devisors, destroying one of the secret weapons, and also to invade the Ministry of Technology. Seizing the opportunity, she told the New Republic crew that, in return for her help, she wanted technical data regarding modern hyperdrives and navigation computers.Through her insurgents, Sharden knew of the location of the tractor beam generator that was holding the FarStar, and also knew how to recover the crew's X-wing starfighters.

Following the successful rescue of Captain Adrimetrum and invasion of the Ministry of Technology, Sharden finally had enough evidence to expose the Devisors, and reveal that they had the knowledge and technology to build powerful weapons such as blaster cannons and tractor beam generators. In return for her help, Captain Adrimetrum provided the necessary information on spaceflight to anyone on Exocron who wanted it.