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The damutek of the eighth cortex was a damutek that had been grown for use by the shapers who had been assigned to work with Nen Yim, in order to fill the eighth cortex of shaping protocols. The damutek was guarded at all times by a platoon of Warriors, both to keep intruders from getting in, and to prevent the shapers from getting out. When Supreme Overlord Shimrra originally arrived on Yuuzhan'tar, the damutek was located quite some distance outside the Sacred Precinct. However, by 29 ABY, the damutek had been moved to the same compound as Shimrra's Citadel. The damutek was attacked when the Jedi Knights Corran Horn and Tahiri Veila arrived to "kidnap" Nen Yim, in an attempt to take her to Zonama Sekot.


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