Elam Mattic was an individual from Alderaan who moved to the planet Taris.


Elam Mattic was brought up on Alderaan, where their family owned a pet of an unspecified species that they named Hyperdrive.

Elam's uncle, Louie Mattic, gave them a blaster pistol and taught them how to use it. When Elam planned to move to Taris, Louie hoped that his blaster instruction would protect his relative from the swoop gang violence that plagued the planet.

By 3956 BBY, Elam had migrated to Taris. Erstwhile, their brother left for Tatooine to become a miner, and their pet Hyperdrive followed either one of them. Louie's concern was not misplaced as in that year, Elam's apartment in the Lower City was dominated by the presence of Black Vulkars, a gang that killed civilians on the streets indiscriminately as part of their war against their rivals, the Hidden Beks.

In light of the severe crime rate, Elam kept their most valuable possessions, including 100 credits, a suit of Republic mod armor, and a blaster pistol secured in a strongbox. This safe was locked by a computerized touch panel that employed a password entry system, and it was impossible for Tarisians to slice into due to it being a foreign and by 3956 BBY, outdated, model. In spite of this, Elam added an additional layer of security in the form of a minor gas mine.

Nevertheless, the strongbox was cracked by the Republic soldier Revan and his companions when they wandered into Elam's apartment during the Sith Empire's occupation of Taris. Louie had left an electronic message on Elam's personal message center next to the safe, and this message provided all the answers to the box's security questions: the name of Elam's pet (Hyperdrive), the relative that taught Elam to use a blaster (Uncle), and Elam's homeworld (Alderaan). Deactivating the mine, Revan and his friends accessed the crate and retrieved its contents for their own use when Elam was not home.

Behind the scenesEdit

Elam Mattic only figures as an off-screen non-player character in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This individual's species and gender is never revealed.

Elam's role in the game is trivial, being only the owner of a strongbox that can be looted by the player, Revan, and doing so has no effect on the storyline nor does it serve as a quest.

As is the case with many role-playing video game, robbing Elam's room doesn't affect the player's alignment.


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