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"Welcome Sith, I'm sorry for the chaos--Alderaan is on the brink of civil war. But House Thul owes the Empire so much."
―Elana Thul[src]

Elana Thul was a female Human who served as Lady of the House of Thul and loyal to the Sith Empire during the Cold War.


When Kallig visited Alderaan in search for an ancient artifact of Tulak Hord, Elana aided Kallig and gave the apprentice much intel of the enemies of House Thul and the Sith Empire. While Kallig was searching for the artifact, Elana asked the Inquisitor to help raid the House of Organa.

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Behind the scenesEdit

After killing Nomar Organa, the player choose whether to respond to Elana's call for help (neutral option) or abandon her (dark side option). If the former is chosen, Elana will grant the player access to her family's vault in the Elysium.


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