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Elara Dorne was a Human female who served as a combat medic in the military of the Sith Empire until she later became a Republic Commando and member of Havoc Squad during the Cold War and the Galactic War.


Early lifeEdit

Elara was born to the Dorne family, a highly prestigious Imperial family, and rose quickly through the military ranks, after serving for two years during the Cold War, a stand-off war between the eternal rivals, Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. However, around 3645 BBY, she defected from the Empire because of moral differences with the Imperial command, especially how they would sacrifice honor and discipline when a Sith asked for it. She tried reporting to her superiors but it only made them question her loyalty. Eventually, she feared that they would order to perform actions that went against her conscience. She noticed "numerous inefficiencies" in her unit's patrol route and took one of those opportunities to escape. While she put off an air of stoic militarism, Elara joined the Galactic Republic, serving in the Republic Army and being stationed on Taris, becoming a combat medic. She received two Medals of Valor for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire in enemy territory. Despite her change of allegiance, Captain Kalor of Personnel Division was convinced that Elara was purposely withholding information.

During her tour on Taris, Elara was temporarily commanded by a civilian security officer named Ridu. During a senator's visit, Ridu didn't want to portray Taris as a dangerous planet, resulting in the senator being killed by rakghouls. Rather than take responsibility for his actions, Ridu pinned the blame on Elara.

Havoc SquadEdit

In 3643 BBY, still during the Cold War, Elara was the only soldier willing to assist Havoc Squad in their classified mission to hunt down defected Republic traitors whereas Colonel Gaff refused. During the search, Havoc ran into Colonel Thorus, an Imperial officer Elara was familiar with, responsible for mass murders in defiance of direct orders from Imperial High Command. Once Thorus gave the information Havoc needed, Elara advised executing him to prevent him from committing any more atrocities. Once Havoc completed their mission, General Elin Garza recognized Elara's initiative and had her transferred to Havoc Squad. With her CO backing her up, Elara made it clear to the distrustful Kalor that Havoc Squad's activities were top secret.

Elara soon received a call for help from her brother Aleksei, whose squad was disavowed by the Empire on Nar Shaddaa. With her CO's leave, she was able to help her brother and convinced him to defect to the Republic. But Kalor was still suspicious of her and pushed forth with his pointless investigation. Later on, Elara learned that Kalor had obtained Ridu's false testimony against her and confronted her former CO and got him to recant his testimony. Eventually, when Kalor managed to form an inquiry, Elara was able to prove to Personnel Division what a waste of credits Kalor's persecution of her was. Thus, she was no longer declared a "person of concern" and was formally recognized as a citizen of the Republic.

During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, Elara's CO went missing and Havoc was called to the front lines. After the war was lost, most of Havoc disbanded, Yuun and Vik leaving the military, and Forex being used as a voice of freedom on Coruscant. Later, Dorne was supposedly drummed out of the military by people suspicious of her Imperial heritage.

Personality and traitsEdit

Elara was very kind and compassionate, serving in the military primarily as a way of helping others in need. And she always complied 'by-the-book'.

Behind the scenesEdit

Elara Dorne is a companion for the Trooper class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, voiced by Moira Quirk.

Gameplay alternativesEdit

Once the CO of Havoc Squad is promoted to Captain, the CO can recommend either Aric Jorgan or Elara Dorne to be the CO's executive officer. If Elara is chosen, she will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.


Elara is a romance option for the male Trooper, resulting in the eventual possibility that the Trooper can propose marriage. They would sign Form 3578 K, which allows military personnel to begin a romantic relationship. After the Trooper proposes to Dorne, the medic officer will wonder if General Garza would be the minister, due to her "authoritative speaking voice."

Following Chapter I: The Hunt, in Knights of the Fallen Empire, the player will receive an email from Elara, explaining that while the military may have given him up for dead, she won't give up.



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