"I am General Elaxis Frellka of the Republic Strategic High Command. Your incursion here violates the spirit of the Treaty of Coruscant. We have you dead to rights, surrender."
―Elaxis Frellka[src]

Elaxis Frellka was a male Human General of the Galactic Republic and the Republic Strategic High Command during the Galactic War.


On the ruined world of Taris, Elaxis Frellka was one of the generals, along with Minst, Durant and Faraire who took their actions on strategy and military initiatives against the Sith Empire. Residing in a base on Taris, Elaxis led his troops and miners in search for mining materials for the Project Siantide. However, the operation was uncovered by the Sith apprentice of Darth Baras. Frellka and his men engaged the Sith Lord in a fight, but they were all defeated.