Elbee Bribb was a male individual who worked for the publishing company Veritas Press on the planet Coruscant, as a manuscript courier. At some point during galactic history, Bribb ventured into the Coruscant Undercity and sold an unpublished exposé of Coruscant's spice trade to the spice lord Volven Roxe. However, after departing from Roxe's spice den, Bribb was captured by a group of Cthon and taken into the deepest sub-levels of Coruscant, where he was locked inside a Cthon fattening cage. Following Bribb's capture, the Coruscant authorities were too preoccupied with other matters to investigate his disappearance, so Veritas hired a group of freelance agents to find him. The agents tracked Bribb down and when they eventually located him, he was so terrified as a result of his recent experiences that he refused to leave his cage and depart with the agents. As a consequence, the agents were forced to drag Bribb from the cage against his will.


Coruscant and the Core Worlds