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Electronic Manipulation was a dark side Force power that allowed the user to manipulate the electrical components of a computing device. The Sith utilized this technique by channeling their anger into the device, allowing them to reprogram it to a varying extent. Applicators of this technique were able to restore altered variations of original programming to the device, not rewrite it entirely.[1]

To perform Electronic Manipulation, the user required some knowledge of absorbing energy and affecting the minds of other living beings through the Force. Executing this technique brought the user closer to the dark side as they were forced to embrace their inner rage, a trait which prompted the Jedi Order to avoid it.[1]

Electronic Manipulation was more difficult to accomplish on intelligent droids compared to non-sentient devices, and even more so if the machines were hostile towards the user. The proximity of the user and the extent of the reprogramming also affected the difficulty of the technique, with major alterations demanding a higher degree of skill.[1]


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