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The electropole (not to be confused with the electrostaff) was an electric melee weapon used by many cultures, including the Gungans of Naboo and the Swokes Swokes of Makem Te.


The electropole was similar to the Force pike and the static pikes used by picadors on Geonosis. It could be used by either striking the enemy at close range, or by throwing it like a javelin. Some EV supervisor droid experienced hard wiring failure and beat Human workers with an electropole on Kadril.

Originating as a herding tool, electropoles were used by Gungan herders to lead their Shaaks and guard them, and by Swokes Swokes to help domesticate the schinga shikou. Because of Gungan's familiarity with the tool, the mounted kaadu riders of the Gungan militia used the weapon in battle, such as during the invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation. Its light weight allowed for it to be thrown, and because the electronic components were watertight, they could be used underwater as well as on the land.



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