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An electrostaff.

"This is an electrostaff, Nobody's Padawan. A useful tool—and one designed to kill Jedi."
Sarco Plank to Luke Skywalker[src]

The electrostaff, also known as the electropole, was a pole-like melee weapon manufactured by Holowan Mechanicals. Electrostaffs were used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems' IG 100 MagnaGuards during the Clone Wars,[1] and were later used by Imperial riot troopers and Heavy Troopers during the Galactic Civil War.[2]


Electrostaffs were designed for single combat against lightsaber-wielders such as Jedi, and had the ability to block lightsaber strikes.[1] Each end of the staff was tipped with electricity, and was powerful enough to stop a being's heart after five seconds' contact.[3]


The scavenger Sarco Plank wielded an electrostaff during the Galactic Civil War, and fought Luke Skywalker with it on Devaron while the young Jedi was exploring the Temple of Eedit. Plank proved almost a match for the Jedi-in-training, coming close to killing Skywalker with his staff several times. Luke destroyed Plank's control box, however, and sent him and his electrostaff hurtling into a pit leading to the temple's underlevels.[3]

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