"We are, sir. The Electrum is prepared to jump to Rampart on your command."
―Captain Burque[src]

The Electrum was a Venator-class Star Destroyer belonging to the starfleet of the Galactic Empire.


The Electrum was an Venator-class Star Destroyer,[2] a 1,155-meter long capital ship with basic armament.[3]


Five years after the foundation of the Galactic Empire, Captain Burque served aboard the vessel while it was stationed at the deepdock at the planet Ryloth before being loaned to Sentinel Base, to protect if from an attack as the base's Core Envoy and most of the flotilla's other capital ships were escorting supply convoys to Geonosis. While at Sentinel Captain Burque was ordered to come to the aid of Rampart Station when it was believed to be under attack, but the distress call concerning the attack turned out to be a hoax designed to draw Electrum away from Sentinel. Dissident forces then attacked Sentinel Base, causing Electrum to rush back to the base, but not in time to prevent the enemy escaping.[2]

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