The Elegant Wake was a Sy Myrthian liner that was scuttled by Merson pirates in 22 BBY. It left Coruscant for Sy Myrth on 13:3:3, with 456 passengers onbaord, all Sy Myrthian. The ship skirted the Merson asteroid belt, where five Merson ships attacked the unarmed liner. The Mersons, which had known ties to Zygerrian slavers, took captives alive. Some of the passengers aboard were the wife and kids of Sy Myrthian lawyer Roonyard Noon.

The company that operated the liner, Romodi Interstellar, was sued by relatives of passengers for negligence.

The report of the attack came from long-range sensor data compiled by a BoSS network subspace relay. Noon claimed, along with other relatives, that the standard silent running procedure for passing through the asteroid field was botched by crew incompetence, and that the BoSS data would back their claims.



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