The Elfa under attack.

The Elfa was the Calamarian minisub used by the Jedi Cilghal, Jacen Solo, Zekk, Tenel Ka, and their friend Anja Gallandro during their mission in the ice caps of the ocean world of Mon Calamari to destroy a hidden Black Sun stockpile of andris spice. It had two large grappling arms with pincer claws attached to the main body. The Elfa belonged to a Yarin harbormaster at Crystal Reef. Its name translated in Galactic Basic from the Yarin language as "fish-so-small-that-it-is-not-worth-catching".

However, they were attacked by a large tentacled Great Arctic Skra'akan after destroying the stockpile, and only managed to escape by piloting the Elfa through an iceberg labyrinth. The ice grounded together, nearly crushing the minisub, forcing the Jedi to wade into the freezing water and then cut the ice with their lightsabers. The Elfa made it back to Crystal Reef with its crew alive despite being badly damaged during the ordeal.