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The Eliminator 434 was a model of assassin droid.


The Eliminator 434 was a Fourth-degree assassin droid. A biped humanoid shaped droid, it stood 1.8 meters tall and was armed with a blaster cannon and concussion grenade launcher.[1] It was also equipped with a broadband antenna to monitor comlink channels.[2]


The Eliminator 434 was active during the Galactic Civil War,[1] and the early years of the New Republic. An Eliminator 434 was part of an assassination attempt on the life Prince Isolder of Hapes and Leia Organa in 8 ABY. The droid was destroyed by Astarta, Isolder's bodyguard.[3]

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The Eliminator 434 and the Uulshos justice droid share a similar design as both were apparently based off of early concept art for IG-88.



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