Elinda was a female Human singer who was the first member and original lead singer of the The Twisted Rancor Trio, a band hailing from the planet Taris.


Elinda was originally hired as the lead singer of the new band The Twisted Rancor Trio as part of a ploy by the band's manager Gilthos Uksaris to convince her to date him. Aside from Elinda, the band consisted of the Bith Ujaa as musical director and his brother Ujii. Elinda, however, threatened to leave the band when she found Ujaa to be a terrible musician. In order not to lose her, Gilthos dismissed Ujaa immediately and hired Loopa as his replacement. As Ujaa's brother, Ujii was upset by this development and retired from the band, resulting in another Bith Fodo taking his place.

The band became increasingly successful following this, and Elinda's voice was especially popular her homeworld. During the Jedi Civil War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the band gained enough renown to attract the attention of the local businessman named Davik Kang, who invited them to perform at his estate. Thrilled at the prospect of performing for such a powerful man, Uksaris saw this as the band's big break. Elinda did not share in his excitement. Having heard valid rumors concerning Kang's connections to the crime syndicate the Exchange, she feared for her life should she have any dealings with Davik Kang. Unable to persuade her to accept the invitation, Uksaris hired her sister Ashana on the eve of their scheduled performance, a plan that was risky given Ashana's untested singing.

While visiting the Lower City Apartments during the Sith quarantine of Taris, Revan discovered a security crate delivered to Gilthos Uksaris protected by a Holo-Sec Corp anti-theft explosive. In unlocking the crate, he was required to activate the holoprojectors of each member of The Twisted Rancor Trio in order of their recruitment to it. Through a datapad nearby within which held the contents of brief history of the band, Revan learned of the story of Elinda and the other members of the band and used this as a guide to safely unlock the footlocker.



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