This article is about the Imperial fighter squadron. You may be looking for the video game of the same name.

Elite Squadron was an Imperial squadron of TIE/IN interceptors stationed on Thyferra during the Bacta War as part of the Thyferran Home Defense Corps.


They were commanded by the ex-Rogue Squadron pilot Commander Erisi Dlarit, a daughter of a prosperous scion in the bacta trade industry and also a proficient pilot. Elite Squadron fought in the Battle of Thyferra. They were not assigned to actively engage the New Republic forces in orbit, but to escort the Lambda-class shuttle Thyfonian as it went to hyperspace. Then, they would be picked up by the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Lusankya.

However, they didn't succeed and they, along with the Thyfonian, were destroyed by several X-wings of Rogue Squadron. They were pursued by Corran Horn and several other X-wing pilots, when Erisi Dlarit destroyed Nawara Ven's fighter with a salvo of laser cannon fire. The rest of the Rogue Squadron pilots broke out into dogfights with the less-skilled Elite Squadron pilots, leaving Corran Horn to kill Erisi Dlarit.