The Ellirad Platform was an Imperial XQ6 Platform in the Elliirad system of the Outer Rim, which served as a cargo transfer station under the command of Commander Klavisor.


The platform was targeted by the Rebel Alliance to destroy the cargo and the cargo ferries. The strike force consisted of A-wings and Y-wings and a stolen Imperial Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle which they would send a team of commandos to place charges into the station and destroy it. The defenses the station consisted of TIE/LN starfighters and Assault Gunboats. The station also had the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Striker defending it.

During the assault, the Katarn Commandos were personally responsible for the theft or destruction of at least 2,400 metric tons of cargo, 5 exterior fuel modules (S-type), 1 Class-H Hypermatter Reactor core, and 2 Strike-class medium cruisers.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the occurrence of the space battle depicted in this mission, as well as the participants, is C-Canon, the outcome depends on the actions of the player and is therefore indeterminate. For lack of other canonical information it should be assumed that no lasting effect (such as the destruction of the station or a starship) resulted from the battle. Galaxy at War gives a partial record of the losses suffered by the Ellirad Platform in the section about the Katarn Commandos.



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