Ellor Orgraal was a male Human who served the Galactic Empire as the governor of Ord Radama. Born around 55 BBY, he was originally a low-level bureaucrat during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, Orgraal managed to rise through the ranks by showing servile deference to whoever was his superior. When the Republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire at the end of the Clone Wars, Orgraal took advantage of the resulting confusion to tamper with the records, exchanging the hierarchical status of a deceased bureaucrat with his own. With his forged service record, he kept kowtowing till he reached a governorship. On his new fiefdom of Ord Radama,[1] in the Outer Rim Territories,[2] Governor Orgraal started solidifying his personal power by silencing anyone who dared criticize the Empire. According to rumors, the governor even suppressed a number of lesser commanders who had protested his rule.[1]

Personality ands traitsEdit

Orgraal was a short man, measuring only 1.6 meters in height. During his time as an Imperial governor, he wore his black hair slicked back and dressed in finely tailored civilian attires that resembled a classic formal style. A cold, calculating man, Orgraal felt so deep a disdain for his subordinates that he wore a perpetual scowl.[1]


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