Elsae Sarvool was a Force-sensitive human who was born on Romin.


Elsae was born on Romin along with her twin sister, Eldewn Sarvool, to a wealthy merchant. When they were aged nine, a Jedi named Ofar Tan-Doov traveled to the planet and noticed their force-sensitivity. He persuaded their parents to let him take them back to Coruscant with him, so that they could be trained and inducted into the Jedi Order. However, as he left the planet with them aboard his ship, a thermal detonator that had been concealed aboard it by a local crimelord exploded. Tan-Doov was killed, but Elsae and her sister were able to escape in an escape pod. They made their way home, but the crime lord had burned their house down and killed their parents.

The twins were forced to live in the slums of Romin, where they began to develop a hatred of the Jedi for trying to take them away and the crime lord, for killing their parents. Life was not easy for them, as the crime lord had posted a bounty on them, while the Jedi had also vowed to find them, as Tan-Doov's reports had suggested that they could be very dangerous without proper training.