Elsen Barthis was a member of Galactic Alliance Intelligence who, along with Lieutenant Titch, tried to convince Wedge Antilles to give information to the Galactic Alliance on Rogue Squadron just prior to the start of the Second Galactic Civil War.

Barthis was a Human woman from a Corellian family in her mid twenties. Iella Wessiri worked with her father for a year, presumably in CorSec. She was blonde, well-muscled, as tall as Wedge Antilles, and in her mid-twenties as of 40 ABY.

It turns out that it was a trap, and Barthis was simply trying to get Wedge away from Corellia during the GA's attack on the planet. Wedge managed to escape, and shot her with Titch's blaster. Due to the failure of the mission to keep Wedge in custody, she was demoted from her previous rank of Captain to Lieutenant.

Later, Barthis was present at Toryaz Station during the meeting between Corellian and GA delegates. She danced with Han Solo.



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