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"Get us into the Quence Sector, Elshandruu Pica. I have friends there."
Corran Horn, to Keevy Spart[src]

Elshandruu Pica was a planet in the Elshandruu system[3] of the Quence sector, in the Outer Rim.[1]


The planet was known as a health resort.[4] Within an asteroid belt used as a staging area for pirates, Elshandruu Pica had a red moon and two white moons in its orbit.[3]

Its capital was Picavil. The city was the site of a conglomerate of bars, casinos, and restaurants owned and operated by Kina Margath.[3] Picavil also had a spaceport.[4]

When Serv-O-Droid, Inc. went bankrupt, it operated in name only through a remainder house on Elshandruu Pica.


"Captain Yonka made his rounds, visited his mistress on Elshandruu Pica—he's seeing the Moffs wife, though the Moff believes he's bedding the owner of a local resort."
Fliry Vorru, to Ysanne Isard[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, the planet was ruled by Imperial Moff Riit Jandi. At some point, Captain Sair Yonka and the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Avarice went to Elshandruu Pica and fought the pirates in the neighboring asteroid belt. He later kept a suite in the 27th Hour Social Club and used it to secretly meet the Moff's wife, Aellyn.[4]

Corellian commodities shipper Tev Driscull lost his ship, the Lantillian Short Hauler Nova Whisper, to the privateer Dharus while they were at Elshandruu Pica.[6]

During the Bacta War, Rogue Squadron's members went to Elshandruu Pica in order to convince Sair Yonka to defect. He accepted and joined the New Republic to fight Ysanne Isard.[4]



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