This article is about the ship. You may be looking for the adventure Elusive.

The Elusive was an Imperial Armored Transport ship that salvaged material from the ruins of the Rebel Alliance base on Dankayo. After an attack by rebel agents in the shuttle Bonderium, the Elusive changed its original course from Coronar to the Tolan Navy Yards.


The Elusive was 50 meters long and carried 10 crewmen and 20 troops. Although unshielded, it was armed with two laser cannons and four double turbolaser batteries. Its hyperdrive achieved class 2. The ship could transport at least 30,000 metric tons and 3 months' consumables.

Sometime between its departure from Dankayo and arrival at Tolan, Elusive was modified to carry six TIE/LN starfighters on an external rack. A Squib slave on board named Dono (a spy to his own people) transmitted the ship's coordinates to the Squib Reclamation Fleet momship; they were then traded to the Rebels from the previous skirmish. In a final battle with Bonderium, the Rebels released an unstable gravity-well projector, which collapsed into an artificial black hole and consumed Elusive.

An identical transport ship, Timely, also participated in the cleanup at Dankayo.