Elwis Bontraar was a wealthy Bothan, who lived on Coruscant with his family during the last years of the Galactic Republic. He made his fortune in a number of endeavors, including sponsoring the Galactic Costume Extravaganza, but was known as an information broker who maintained a wide-reaching network of agents to gather data. Shortly after the death of one of his agents, a Cerean named Anoura, Elwis' daughter, Jennalyn Bontraar, was kidnapped by Zascha and held for ransom in Hutt Space. Zascha hoped to exact revenge against Bontraar for his sister Anoura's death. Elwis hired a group of freelance agents—who were trying to recover a data disk from him—to rescue Jennalyn, during the planned exchange aboard the Masquerade. The agents succeeded in rescuing Jennalyn, but Zascha was able to escape alive.

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