The Elysium was a site on Alderaan that had served for millennia as a symbolic center for Alderaanian politics. In the years prior to the founding of the capital city Aldera, the various noble houses met in the Elysium in order to elect and anoint their first king. Every dispute regarding succession in the history of the planet had always been resolved peacefully within the Elysium's stone walls. Furthermore, it served as the site from which the greatest treasures of the houses were placed within its vaults as a symbol of trust.[1]

After the assassination of Gaul Panteer and the death of the ailing queen in a mysterious transport crash, the Alderaan parliament assembled in the Elysium in order to elect their new sovereign. It was at this time that House of Thul made its move at returning to the planet after many decades of exile. This led to violence and immediate accusations that had led to the Elysium being an empty forgotten symbol of Alderaan's former lost unity during the time of the Cold War. Its ancient halls had since been cracked by distant bombs and its beauty was noted to had been quickly fading.[1]



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