This article is about Darth Caedus' act. You may be looking for Palpatine's Emergency Powers Act.

The Emergency Measures Act was an act created by the Galactic Alliance to grant powers to the Chief of State.

Used by Cal Omas during the Second Galactic Civil War, it allowed him and his top advisors, Cha Niathal, and Jacen Solo, power to do whatever necessary for the good of the Alliance.

Solo manipulated Article Five, Sub-section C27 of this document with the aid of a legal analyst droid named HM-3 to great effect, first to obtain materials from Galactic Alliance Procurement that he could not request unless through the consent of another higher power. Solo then ordered Biris J. Te Gaf's assignment onboard the ship with the most cannon misfires in the fleet, the Ocean.

This amendment also allowed the Galactic Alliance Guard to detain any individuals suspect of treason without a warrant, and have their assets frozen per the Treasury Orders Act.