"Can anyone give me a boost? I can barely see over this table!"
―Emf Diddar, to the other delegates at the conference on Gus Talon[src]

Senior Foreman Emf Diddar was an Ugnaught male negotiator and union representative who lived during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. Following an increase in Separatist activity around the moon Gus Talon during the Clone Wars, Diddar attended a conference that was held on the world to discuss how to address the problem. The meeting took place within an automated facility and the event was hijacked by a rogue Separatist GNK power droid, which took over the structure's controls. Amid the chaos Diddar was ensnared by two mechanical arms that were affixed to the walls of the building. However, he was freed after the astromech droid R2-D2 disabled the power droid.