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This article is about the organization that served the Sith Emperor. You may be looking for the Emperor's Hand who were agents of Palpatine's Galactic Empire..
"An empty hand can only slap."
―Servant Two[src]

The Emperor's Hand was a secret organization that was present in the hierarchy of the Sith Empire. These twelve individuals all served the will of Sith Emperor and worked to ensure their master's goals. Only few members of the Dark Council were even aware of the existence of the Hand and knew that they were another layer of power between themselves and the Emperor. These agents consisted of both men and women that carried out their master's most secret of orders.[4]

Out of all the agents of the Emperor, only the Hand were in constant contact with the supreme master of the Sith and knew of his true goals as well as purpose. This was achieved through the Emperor's command of the Dark side of the Force that allowed his thoughts to be shared with them and their will becoming an extension of his own command. The Hand did not involve themselves with the running of the Empire but instead worked to achieve their master's grandest of designs where they struck a decisive blow against their master's enemies.[4]

During the Galactic War, the Hand became aware of Darth Baras's act of silencing the Voice of the Emperor and his motivation in becoming the ruling force of the Sith Empire. To that end, they sought out an agent that would act on behalf of the Emperor. Normally, the Emperor's Wrath, Lord Scourge, would deal with the usurper, but as he had deserted his post to join the Hero of Tython, Servant One and Servant Two searched the Empire for a replacement. Out of the countless Sith they scouted, they chose Darth Baras's former Sith apprentice, whom the Dark Lord chose to betray. This Sith was awarded the position of Emperor's Wrath and worked with the Hand to weaken Baras's powerbase in order to ultimately eliminate the threat posed by him.

After the Emperor's defeat at the hands of the Hero of Tython on Dromund Kaas, the Hand ordered the Imperial Guard to recover their master's true body and hide it in a safe place while his weakened spirit recovered from the fight.



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