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The training center of the Emperor's Hands was a series of training chambers within the bowels of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. A clandestine facility, the existence of the training center was known only to the Galactic Emperor himself, his top aides, and the Emperor's Hands themselves.


Constructed in the bowels of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant on the order of Emperor Palpatine, head of state of the Galactic Empire, this series of chambers was designed for the training of specialized Force-sensitive agents known only as the Emperor's Hand. Each Hand believed they were the only one in service to the Emperor, therefore the center had several facilities so that more then one Hand could train with no knowledge of the others. The training center was highly secretive and not seen by members of the Imperial Court; besides the Emperor and the Hands themselves, it is unknown who else was aware of the area. In the years preceding the fateful battle over Yavin Prime, Hand Mara Jade trained at the facility, preparing to infiltrate the mansions of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Governor Glovstoak.[1]


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