"This is a bad day for the Empire!"
Sish Sadeet upon seeing the destroyed Emperor's Revenge[src]

The Emperor's Revenge was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer under the command of the former Royal Guardsman Carnor Jax.


Emperors Revenge go boom

The destruction of Emperor's Revenge

Sometime between the Battle of Endor and the return of the cloned Palpatine, the Imperial Ruling Council placed it under the command of Carnor Jax, who used it as his flagship. It was dispatched to Phaeda with Steadfast where they destroyed much of the planet's Collo Fauale mountain redoubt, where New Republic forces were dug in.

It was later destroyed by Kir Kanos after it pursued him to Yinchorr, who tricked the crew into capturing a Scimitar assault bomber loaded with high explosives. The ship's entire starboard side was destroyed and all hands were lost.