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This article is about the medal. You may be looking for other uses of the term.

The Emperor's Will was an award presented to Maarek Stele for distinguished service to the Galactic Empire (specifically rescuing Palpatine from his second kidnapping). It was one of the most prestigious medals capable of being presented to an Imperial (along with the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor, the Hero of the Empire, the Medal of Victory, the Champion of Empire Day or the Order of Glory). The Emperor's Will was presented directly by the Emperor, via Darth Vader, in an elaborate ceremony following the failure of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin's coup attempt. No other recipients of this award were known.

In large part because of the medal's prestigious nature, it was often presented within the Imperial Palace itself via a special awards auditorium, with several Imperial personnel being present to observe the presentation.


It had three red and two blue stripes on the ribbon, with the Imperial Crest being prominently displayed in yellow.

The medal itself was primarily silver and shield shaped, with it possessing angular edges. The center of the medal had gold trimmings, and also prominently displayed a gold bird with its wings stretched out.


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