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This article is about the Emperor's throne room at the Imperial Palace. You may be looking for another of his throne rooms on Coruscant.

The Emperor's throne room was a formal room in the Imperial Palace of Coruscant that contained the throne of the Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine. The throne itself was raised four steps above the floor and, while massive, was solid black and unadorned. At the side of the chamber, there was a garden area that the Emperor had designed himself. While small, the garden contained a variety of plants, most of which grew in pots or in floor trenches lining curved flagstone walkways. Small trees that stood at its periphery and the distance from garden to throne ensured a degree of privacy.[1]


One year after coming to power, Emperor Palpatine summoned Darth Vader before him. As his apprentice kneeled before him, the Emperor informed Vader that the time had come for the Empire to evolve and show the galaxy that his voice was the solo one in governing. When Vader asked how this was going to be done, the Emperor stated that the planet of Mon Cala would serve as an example. When Vader stated that he was no longer a general, the Emperor informed his apprentice that he had another task for him to handle. Vader and his team were to investigate if a Jedi was aiding the Mon Cala King and destroy them if it was so while another would oversee the military part of the operation.[2]

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The Emperor’s throne room first appeared in the multimedia project Shadows of the Empire novel published in 1996 and was later depicted in the comic book adaption of the novel. It was located in the tallest tower of the Imperial Palace which had once been the Presidential Palace of the Galactic Republic. The Emperor's throne room made its first canonical appearance in Timothy Zahn's novel Thrawn.


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