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Emperor's Royal Guard TIE Interceptor starfighter
Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems

Product line

TIE series


Emperor's Royal Guard Twin Ion Engine Interceptor starfighter




Not available for sale[1]

Technical specifications

9.6 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,250 km/h[1]

Hyperdrive rating



Laser cannons[1]


Pilot (1)[1]



Cargo capacity

75 kg[1]


2 days[1]






Rebellion era[1]


Galactic Empire[1]

The Emperor's Royal Guard TIE/In starfighter was a specially modified version of the TIE/In interceptor. These TIE Interceptors were flown only by Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard.


A T-Wing under attack from a Royal Guard starfighter.

These starfighters were commonly used to escort Emperor Palpatine's Lambda-class shuttle and its decoys during his travels. Displaying the distinctive crimson red color of the Royal Guard, these deadly war machines struck fear into any opposing fighters. Royal Guard fighter wings were thought to even rival the skills of elite pilots from the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing and Rogue Squadron. These fighters were said to have been commissioned by Palpatine himself.

Under the supervision of Darth Vader, Imperial workers spent many long hours modifying TIE Interceptor fighters. Unlike the original TIE Interceptor, the Royal Guard TIE Interceptor was equipped with a built-in hyperdrive and shield generator, while also having blazing speeds and fantastic maneuverability that exceeded that of its fleet counterpart. On very rare occasions, these fighters found places outside of the Royal Guard, and were thus subject to even further modification, including more devastating weapons, more advanced shielding technologies, and, in rare cases, ordnance launchers. Vader himself, however, never flew a Royal Guard TIE Interceptor, though he had on occasion piloted a TIE Advanced x1 and a TIE Defender.

It is unclear how the Royal Guard TIE Interceptor, described as having blazing speed and fantastic maneuverability while also having a hyperdrive and deflector shields, would compare against the TIE Avenger or TIE Defender, two other exceptional starfighters produced by Sienar Fleet Systems. It's certain that the Royal Guard craft underwent extensive modification from the original Interceptor, whereas the Avenger and Defender featured different platforms and some newer technology than the Interceptor excluding the engines and targeting computer [2] [3] . During Palpatine's near capture by the traitor Admiral Zaarin, no Royal Guard Interceptors were present as the Emperor was rescued instead by Defenders flown by Vader and Maarek Stele.

Behind the scenesEdit

A Royal Guard interceptor

The Royal Guard TIE Interceptor was introduced in Rage of the Wookiees, the second expansion of Star Wars Galaxies. It was a quest reward for Imperial pilots for completing a series of quests from the Civilian Protection Guild.

The energy requirements for a regular TIE Interceptor to be mounted with the equipment that a TIE Avenger or a Royal Guard TIE Intercetor carries would not be an issue since the TIE Inteceptor and TIE Avenger share the same reactor. [4]

In 2007 Hasbro released a die-cast model of the Royal Guard TIE Interceptor as part of their Titanium Series.



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