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The Emperor's Wrath was a position created by the Emperor of the reconstituted Sith Empire. The position required that an individual serve as a personal enforcer and executioner for the Emperor, taking orders directly from and answering only to him. Unlike the rest of the Emperor's servants, who are bound to his will by a dark side ritual, the Wrath is given autonomy, as the Emperor requires that his Wrath use the full fury of their power.

Only two individuals are known to have held the position. The first, for whom the role was created, was Scourge, a Sith Lord who ostensibly proved his loyalty by bringing Jedi Masters Revan and Meetra Surik before his master to be destroyed. Three centuries later, the position was given to the former apprentice of Darth Baras.

Following the Emperor's revival on Yavin 4 and his intentions to consume all life in the galaxy made clear, especially that he would save his Wrath for last, Darth Marr rechristens the Wrath as the Empire's Wrath.


Emperor's Wrath was a position originally created by the Sith Emperor for Lord Scourge, a Sith Lord that originally intended to overthrow the Emperor. Scourge allied himself with two Jedi seeking to protect the Republic from the Sith Empire: Meetra Surik, and redeemed Jedi Master Revan.

Scourge was sent by the Emperor to attend to Darth Nyriss, a powerful female Dark Lord and one of twelve members of the Dark Council, the Emperor's personal Sith advisers. To Scourge's knowledge, Nyriss had recently come under attack from separatist forces. After a small span of time, Nyriss informed Scourge that the leader of these forces was a human Dark Lord called Darth Xedrix. Commanded to murder the aging Sith, Scourge hunted down and executed him. Scourge then learned that Nyriss was also part of the separatist conspiracy, plotting to overthrow the Sith Emperor. Nyriss brought Scourge to Nathema, showing him the madness of their liege. Scourge learned that the Emperor was planning an attack on the Republic and its Jedi guardians. Knowing that this would spell doom for the Empire, Scourge allied with Nyriss to bring down the Emperor.

Three years passed, during this time Revan had been held captive by Scourge and Nyriss, and still no moves had been made by the separatists to destroy the Emperor. Eventually tiring of the wait and of the apparent weakness of the conspirators, Scourge made his own plans. Meetra Surik, who had been searching for Revan, arranged a meeting with Scourge to demand Revan's freedom. During his captivity, Revan established a small bond with the Sith Lord, planting seeds of doubt in his mind. Meetra, with acceptable proof, allowed herself to join forces with Scourge to free Revan from his prison. Convincing the Emperor he had unknowingly performed traitorous actions on Nyriss' behalf, Scourge had the Imperial Guard attack her stronghold. While the attack was commencing, Scourge and Meetra infiltrated the stronghold and freed Revan from his cell. Before escaping, the three of them had to destroy Darth Nyriss.

After careful planning, Revan, Meetra, Scourge, and T3-M4 infiltrated the Emperor's citadel, planning to kill him once and for all. After a heated duel, primarily between Revan and the Emperor, Scourge had a vision of the Emperor's death at the hand of an unknown Jedi Knight. This Jedi, however, was neither Revan nor Meetra. Acting on this, Scourge murdered Meetra, allowing the Emperor to overpower Revan. Scourge quickly convinced the Emperor that the two Jedi were part of a conspiracy to overthrow the Empire and that he had led them there so they may be destroyed. As a reward for his apparent loyalty, the Emperor created a position higher than even a Dark Lord on the Council: Emperor's Wrath. In an excruciating process, Scourge was made immortal like the Emperor himself, though his pain would be eternal.

During the Cold War, while the Emperor was preoccupied with mysterious goals, Darth Baras sought to take advantage of his absence by posing as his Voice. With Lord Scourge having deserted his position, the Emperor's Hands scouted the Empire for a worthy Sith to replace him. They chose a candidate in Baras' former apprentice, whom Baras attempted to kill, to be the Emperor's new Wrath. The new Wrath took on their mission to dethrone Baras as well as take revenge for his betrayal. After defeating Baras, the Dark Council formally acknowledged the new Wrath.



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