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"Under the circumstances, it's just as well that you got out when you did. With your obvious disdain for authority, you'd have been quietly eliminated in the Emperor's purge of those officers he hadn't been able to seduce to his side. And then things would have gone quite differently, wouldn't they?"
Garm Bel Iblis, speaking of Han Solo’s leaving the Imperial Military[src]

The Emperor's purge refers collectively to several related campaigns of repression and persecution in the Galactic Empire orchestrated by Emperor Palpatine during the Imperial Period, which removed his opposition from power. It involved the elimination of officers who he hadn't been able to seduce to his side.

Jace Dallin choke

Jace Dallin is Force-strangled by Darth Vader.

Palpatine consolidated his power by launching Purges against his opponents, most notably the Old Republic officers who he hadn't been able to seduce to his side. Any officers who held anti-Imperial sentiments were arrested and executed by Admiral Mulleen, under Palpatine's orders. Palpatine's first purge of the Imperial Navy occurred within just two weeks into the Empire's rule. One notable victim was Jace Dallin.

Another portion of the Emperor's Purge is the Great Jedi Purge, wherein the Jedi were denounced as traitors, and were killed by Darth Vader, as well as many bounty hunters.


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